The Comprehensive Guide to 2019 USPS Changes

This guide will give you comprehensive information on the changes coming from the USPS and their impact to your business!

Are you ready for 2019?

Postal rates are increasing by an average of 2.5% on January 29, 2019. To lessen the price hike’s impact - or even avoid it entirely – begin planning now by considering some changes to your production process or the mail itself.

  1. Automation, Commingling & Co-Palletizing

    Learn the quick facts on how you need to be compliant and the process changes.

  2. Mail Classes

    Discover how to classify your mail to avoid extra costs and delays.

  3. New Mail Promotions

    Read about the new promotions that come into effect in 2019.

Don't be caught off guard!  We've put together this guide that can help you be prepared!
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